MOLES:  all are accompanied with white rice, your choice of beans, and homemade tortillas or bolillo bread

•           MOLE POBLANO Mexico’s National Food Dish $15.99

Made with over 20 ingredients a thick, rich, chocolate-tinged sauce made from scratch poured over braised chicken and topped off with toasted sesame seeds.

•           MOLE NEGRO (Oaxacan Black Mole)              $16.99

Famous for its dark color, this spicy rich flavored mole is poured over braised chicken and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

•           PIPIAN (PUMPKIN SEED MOLE)                      $14.99

A green mole made with pumpkin seeds and Mexican herbs delivers a spicy tangy nutty flavor. 

•           BIRRIA                                                              $13.99

An incredibly tender goat meat soup with rich, well-blended flavors, made with dried roasted peppers, and Mexican spices simmered for hours leaving the meat falling off the bone tender.  Served with homemade tortillas


Garlic pork ribs slow cooked until falling out of the bone tender, served with Mexican rice, your choice of beans, spicy avocado sauce, and our homemade tortillas



o   Rib Eye Steak 8oz                                                                           $15.99

o   Prime Sirloin Steak 8oz                                                                  $16.99

o   Molcajete                                                                                           $16.99                                     Grilled onions, bell peppers, skirt steak, cactus, queso fresco and topped with red sauce                                                                                            


o   ARRACHERA                                                                                               $14.99
Beef flank marinated overnight served with Mexican rice, your choice beans, grilled jalapenos and onions, and homemade tortillas


o   FAJITAS AL MEZQUITE                 


o   Chicken                                  $12.99


o   Beef                                         $12.99


o   Shrimp                                   $15.99


o   Chicken and Beef                 $13.99


o   Chicken, Beef, And Shrimp   $16.99                                                       

Marinated overnight served over a bed of grilled vegetables on a sizzling platter accompanied with Mexican rice, you choice of beans and our homemade tortillas


o   POLLO HAUMADO            $8.49

Smoked chicken breast served over a salad bed, comes with a side of rice and your choice of beans



o   PLATO FAMILIAR                 $19.99

Chicken and beef fajitas, grilled shrimp, grilled chorizo, grilled vegetables.  Serve over a large sizzling platter and a side of Mexican rice, your choice of bean, and our homemade tortillas


o   BORREGO                            $19.99

Mesquite grilled Lamb steak served with grilled vegetables (Mexican zucchini, onion, bell peppers) and Mexican rice



Grilled red snapper served with grilled vegetables and  Mexican pineapple rice and homemade tortillas                             At Market Price


o   A LA DIABLA             $15.99

Your choice of grilled red snapper or tilapia topped with a spicy hot  red salsa served with your choice of beans Mexican pineapple rice and homemade tortillas.


o   LA MOJARA                           $10.99

Grilled tilapia marinated as mojo de ajo served grilled vegetable Mexican pineapple rice and homemade tortillas.

o   SALMON                                $14.99

Smoked salmon


 Cam arones A La Diabla           $12.99

 Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo       $12.99

 Camarones A La Veracruzana $13.99

 Coctel de camaron                    $12.99

  Molcajete De Marisco               $18.99


                                                       CALDOS  Y   ENSALADAS


·      CALDO DE POLLO                         $6.99

Spicy red chicken vegetable soup made with dried, roasted peppers. Great for a hangover cure!!

·      CALDO DE RES                              $8.99

White vegetable beef soup

·      CALDO DE MARISCOS                  $12.99

Mexican Spicy seafood stew great for a hangover cure !!



SALADS                                                                                               Add Chicken for $2.00

·      SANTA FE                             $7.99 

·      TACO SALAD                        $7.99

·      LA PRIMAVERA                    $7.99





All made with our homemade tortillas stuffed with chicken, beef, or cheese, topped with fresh lettuce, onion, sour cream and cheese.  Served with Mexican rice, and your choice of beans


o   ENMOLADAS     $8.49

·      Mole enchiladas


·      Green sauce enchilada

o   ENCHILADAS ROJAS     $7.99

·      Red sauce enchiladas

o   Enchiladas Swissa     $8.99

·      tomato sauce and chesse


o   SOPES                                              $8.99

Thick tortilla with pinched rim filled with green or red salsa, chopped onions, sour cream and cheese.  Additional topping available upon request with an extra charge.

o   CHIMICHANGAS                              $8.99

Chicken or Steak served with rice and beans.

Chimichanga Swissa                     $9.99

Chicken or steak.

Topped with tomato sauce and chesse


o   BURRITO                                          $8.99

Flour tortilla wrapped or folded, filled with, Mexican-style rice, refried beans, lettuce, salsa, avocado, cheese, sour cream, and your choice chicken or beef.                                          \

 Burrito Swissa             $9.99

Topped with tomato sauce and chesse



·      Chicken fajitas         $11.99

·      Beef fajitas                $12.99


Served with rice and beans and guacamole

·       Chicken, Steak, Pastor$8.99

·       Chesse Quessadillas $7.99